My trip to Pasadena

Welcome back to another blog from Feel My Pain!

It all started back at the apartment when I was getting ready to pick something up from a storage unit I rent up in Pasadena.  I start to make breakfast & lunch then say goodbye to my girlfriend who is still sleeping in bed.  It’s a Saturday morning and the sun is shining, I’m enjoying my day and I’m headed to my warehouse to get some old tools and electronics I left out there.  I’m a very impatient guy, so by the time I was on the road to Pasadena at 8:00.  It was the worst LA traffic since yesterday.

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So, yet another, bad luck story from your good ol’ friend Dee Savage.  It seems that wherever I go someone, or something is always following me around making sure I have the worst day.  It sometimes seems like someones standing on my head all day laughing and pranking me.

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