My Life Sucks

 My brother stole my bike and gave it to one of his friends.  When I tried to get it back I found that my brothers friend went out of state.  After an angry discussion I head over to my parents, and when I told them they said it was, because I wasn’t using it at all.  

The reason I wasn’t using it was because it needed a new tire and I’ve been saving up for one this entire time.  Try that for bad luck.

Meet Dee

     Welcome to Feel My Pain dot net.  I am Dee Savage from Simi Valley, California and I am 27 years old.  I recently moved into my little house in Santa Monica & I’ve been having problems with the neighbors.  I’ve decided to open up a blogging website where I will share all the reasons I hate my neighbors and all the ways I have thought of to get rid of them.  

     This website is not only made from my rants but for the rants of everyone across the world.  If you’ve recently come across some bad luck and are needed of a place to express the hatred of your own life. Then you’ve come to the right place! Please click Submit Story to publicly share your misfortunes. 


Welcome to my new website, Feel My Pain

Ok so we are going to discuss neighbors today.  Let me clarify, bad neighbors. Everyone I know has had some sort of trouble with at least on neighbor at one point in the life.  Maybe it the person in the apartment next to you that plays TV too loud at all hours of the day? Or maybe the family that moved in next door that has loud, uncontrolled kids.  I recently read this story about a man in Colorado who moved into his new house and had his new neighbors welcome him by placing a large trampoline and swing/playset in their yard.  The structures were placed right up to the dividing line between the properties and only a few feet from his house.  This would drive me absolutely nuts.  Even after a fence was installed the slide from the playset towered over the fence and left little privacy.

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