Worst Bad luck

Woman grocery shopping

Okay.. Hey everyone, I’m going to keep this short and simple.  Going to the supermarket is the most frustrating thing in the world.  I was sent there with a huge list for dinner and wow was it the worst hour which felt a week.  I’m almost done, so I go over to the milk section and some kid literally comes running head first into my cart.  I was so shocked he battering rammed it with his tiny little head.  It flipped the cart over, he was crying, his mom was worried, what a mess.  After that was all settled the kid decided he was okay.

The mom then leaves to go get ice for his head and leaves me with a pile of 50 different items on the floor.   I’m pissed and spent a good 10 minutes alone on the floor picking up all the stuff I just got off the shelf.  Shopping sucks.

So I’m all distracted and mad while I’m going over to the milk section so we can make chicken pot pie tonight.  I pick it up and boom I’m at the register trying to rush out the door. Then now I’m loading all this shit into my kitchen finally finished laying on the couch.  My girlfriend then walks in and see’s the milk isn’t in the fridge, she’s goes to put it in, she looks at me and says “It’s expired get more”

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