My trip to Pasadena


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It all started back at the apartment when I was getting ready to pick something up from a storage unit I rent up in Pasadena.  I start to make breakfast & lunch then say goodbye to my girlfriend who is still sleeping in bed.  It’s a Saturday morning and the sun is shining, I’m enjoying my day and I’m headed to my warehouse to get some old tools and electronics I left out there.  I’m a very impatient guy, so by the time I was on the road to Pasadena at 8:00.  It was the worst LA traffic since yesterday.

Los Angeles, by far, has worse traffic then any place I’ve ever been in my life.  It takes an hour just to travel a few miles so you need to know I how felt when I say that I was not happy to be traveling all the way to Pasadena like this.   So I’m in my Toyota Camry and everything is going perfectly fine and it’s been almost 30 minutes so I expect to be at the warehouse in another 10 minutes.  Once I get to the warehouse I feel my stomach aching so I take out the lunch I made this morning, it was a nice salami sandwich with mustard and other hot sauces I love like Siracha, mayo, and of course I put some lettuce, onions, and relish on that baby.


I proceed to go inside, get my old tool box that I’ve missed and needed, but ended up replacing because the drive out here is crucial.  Then a nice cardboard box filled with old electronics, like phones, keyboards, and old laptop, ect.  I will probably end up selling these in the near future.  There’s another thing on my mind just about now, how did I get all the way to Pasadena without bad luck? What are the chances of that!


What a Jinx.  On my way back I’m only 5 minutes outside of Pasadena before my engine heats up in the middle of the highway.  It didn’t register to me at first that this could not be fixed with just a simple cool down.  After about 5 minutes of waving off steam and smoke it started to settle.  Good for me was that I had gloves and toolbox.  I managed to open to hood after about 3 minutes because it was too hot even for the gloves I had in the toolbox.


This is when I knew that getting home wasn’t going to be something happening soon.  This also meant that bad luck has caught up with me and their must be more coming.  I open my phone up and hit google.  I find a random company I found at the top of google and this was probably the only lucky thing all day.  This was an amazing service company because only 5 minutes later did the Tow truck arrive to collect my piece of garbage from the side of the road.  The driver was an absolutely nice dude he took me all the way to the body shop and talked to the owner for a little to haggle me to a better price.  After being in the body shop for awhile it was clear to me I wasn’t going to get my car back today.  This means that I have to take one of those dreaded Ubers all the way back to Santa Monica and come back in a day or two to pick up my car. I was going to rent a car however I had faith in the body shop to get it done soon.


Stay tuned for another blog post very soon because I will be going back out to Pasadena, and whenever I take adventures this far I’m bound to end up with some Bad Luck.

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