Losing my Kitty

It’s been a hard few days because I don’t know if this is just luck or my stupidity, whatever it is I need to deal with it soon. I love my Kitty so much, with her silky dark brown hair & very good attitude it just pains to know my fluffy kitty is out there in the wild doing who knows what.

I must go look for her and bring my kitty home but how do I know she’ll be happy with me? what if she’s doing better in the wild than ever before.  Is it true that animals live longer out of captivity, is it the same for cats.

My kitty is gone & even though every day I go out through my backyard and into the wild world my kitty is, it dawns on me that if she is gone long enough I will never see it again.

After a few days I lose trust in the fact that my kitty will never come home again.

I know it’s not healthy to be too attached to a kitty but I know this one is my responsibility.  You might be wondering why I didn’t put a collar on her, well, I didn’t want to be like all the other owners.  I see me & my kitty as partners, or at least thats what we were.  Now it’s probably in the hands of someone else, but what can I do, it can’t talk for itself.

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