invasion of termites


Termites , this time, the devil had to strike with me with some termites right at the home.  I don’t believe in the devil but it’s times like these when my bad luck gets way too bad.  So I woke up this nice Sunday morning thinking nothing bad was going to happen.  Knowing my luck you know that things are only get worse from here.

So I poor my morning coffee, cook myself just one egg, and then sat down on the porch.  I put my coffee down and right where I place it I see a little brown bug was crawling around the armrest.  The search then began for more of them and lucky for me it wasn’t far.  On the floor their was a plank that had a few of them biting along the edge.  When I saw the termites on the floor I was very mad because I knew what it was going to take time & money to get rid of this problem.

I called the local exterminator for a quick quote and he told me that I was lucky to have caught the infestation however they needed to start immediately before it got past the porch.  He gave me a quote for $120 and he told me it would be about an hour before he was back with the equipment.  Finally he shows up, with an extra team member which he introduced as his assistant in training.

After about an 1 and a half, they got up and under the porch, and told me it was all good. Assuming it came from one of the neighbors houses I have to be on the lookout for anymore in the next few months.

I got away easy this time with the bad luck but Im absolutely sure that something else will happen.  Bad luck is in store for Dee Savage so stay tuned for whatever is next.  Giant Anti-pesticide termites? Hippies with Flame throwers? Whats next? Nothing will surprise me at this point.


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