So, yet another, bad luck story from your good ol’ friend Dee Savage.  It seems that wherever I go someone, or something is always following me around making sure I have the worst day.  It sometimes seems like someones standing on my head all day laughing and pranking me.




Anyway… Me and my Girlfriend Lara go to get some dinner last night.  We ended up going to the Cheesecake Factory at the grove and before I start my story let me tell you things went right but most of all thing went wrong.

To start, we got their at 6:00, and signed in which in turn they gave us one of those buzzers that tell you when your table is ready.  After about 30 minutes of waiting, we decide to go to Barnes & Noble where we played around for about another 20 entire minutes.  Finally I got angry and hungry then proceeded to the cheesecake factory to figure out what was going wrong.


So we get to the front and start to wait in line for 30 seconds before someone at the desk helped us.  We showed them our buzzer and told them our name.  He started going through the list and after awhile he said he couldn’t find us.  I got very angry at this moment and that when my good luck kicked in and they finally gave us a seat immediately.  The bread was so good, so, so, good, just some hot soft bread with amazing salty butter.  It was time to order and Lara had already chosen pasta as usual but this time I wanted to try something else.  I went for the fish tacos at The Cheesecake factory and man was it a good decision.  For not that much, only $11, I got 5 medium sized tacos that were pretty good.  I bit into the first one and it was good, I was happy.  I dipped into the second one and I could kinda taste ketchup within the thousand islands, I thought this was pretty gross.  Gross is nothing compared to what happened next I took another bite and I could taste hair in my food.  Oh was I angry, I was angry.


Bad Luck is everywhere around us, but It’s attracted to me or something.  That’s when the good luck came, is when I complained about the bad luck.  The waiter brought me a new plate of food and even gave us cheesecake on the house.  It was worth it.

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