Losing my Kitty

It’s been a hard few days because I don’t know if this is just luck or my stupidity, whatever it is I need to deal with it soon. I love my Kitty so much, with her silky dark brown hair & very good attitude it just pains to know my fluffy kitty is out there in the wild doing who knows what.

I must go look for her and bring my kitty home but how do I know she’ll be happy with me? what if she’s doing better in the wild than ever before.  Is it true that animals live longer out of captivity, is it the same for cats.

My kitty is gone & even though every day I go out through my backyard and into the wild world my kitty is, it dawns on me that if she is gone long enough I will never see it again.

After a few days I lose trust in the fact that my kitty will never come home again.

I know it’s not healthy to be too attached to a kitty but I know this one is my responsibility.  You might be wondering why I didn’t put a collar on her, well, I didn’t want to be like all the other owners.  I see me & my kitty as partners, or at least thats what we were.  Now it’s probably in the hands of someone else, but what can I do, it can’t talk for itself.

Worst Bad luck

Okay.. Hey everyone, I’m going to keep this short and simple.  Going to the supermarket is the most frustrating thing in the world.  I was sent there with a huge list for dinner and wow was it the worst hour which felt a week.  I’m almost done, so I go over to the milk section and some kid literally comes running head first into my cart.  I was so shocked he battering rammed it with his tiny little head.  It flipped the cart over, he was crying, his mom was worried, what a mess.  After that was all settled the kid decided he was okay.

The mom then leaves to go get ice for his head and leaves me with a pile of 50 different items on the floor.   I’m pissed and spent a good 10 minutes alone on the floor picking up all the stuff I just got off the shelf.  Shopping sucks.

So I’m all distracted and mad while I’m going over to the milk section so we can make chicken pot pie tonight.  I pick it up and boom I’m at the register trying to rush out the door. Then now I’m loading all this shit into my kitchen finally finished laying on the couch.  My girlfriend then walks in and see’s the milk isn’t in the fridge, she’s goes to put it in, she looks at me and says “It’s expired get more”

invasion of termites

Termites , this time, the devil had to strike with me with some termites right at the home.  I don’t believe in the devil but it’s times like these when my bad luck gets way too bad.  So I woke up this nice Sunday morning thinking nothing bad was going to happen.  Knowing my luck you know that things are only get worse from here.

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My trip to Pasadena

Welcome back to another blog from Feel My Pain!

It all started back at the apartment when I was getting ready to pick something up from a storage unit I rent up in Pasadena.  I start to make breakfast & lunch then say goodbye to my girlfriend who is still sleeping in bed.  It’s a Saturday morning and the sun is shining, I’m enjoying my day and I’m headed to my warehouse to get some old tools and electronics I left out there.  I’m a very impatient guy, so by the time I was on the road to Pasadena at 8:00.  It was the worst LA traffic since yesterday.

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So, yet another, bad luck story from your good ol’ friend Dee Savage.  It seems that wherever I go someone, or something is always following me around making sure I have the worst day.  It sometimes seems like someones standing on my head all day laughing and pranking me.

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Too Much

Wow, what a beautiful morning, I don’t think anything Bad will happen today!

I take a big yawn, and step out of bed right into some throw-up.  Give out a little scream, and start running to the bathroom.  That’s when I see everything all over the bedroom floor, all over the bathroom floor.  My Dog has thrown up & Shat everywhere, how? why? when?

My Bad Luck adventure has started in the comfort of my own home.  I must investigate what happened, and how I can walk around the house without gagging and throwing up.  That’s when the smell hits me, while I’m standing in the bathroom on my toes trying to stay away from throw-up and diarrhea. It smells so bad in my room that I want to just start throwing up till I pass out.


I’m sorry to disgust you, but imagine being in this chaotic mess of animal insides and feces.  I get the courage to make it to my closet after cleaning up my feet.  Thank god my dog didn’t get into my closet, this was the only place that was not affected.  So I get on my shoes and walk around.  My first steps in the hallway really showed me how bad this actually was. The way the hallway looked, made my room look neat.  There was Brown paw marks all over the wall, and smeared everywhere.  The smell is the worst I’ve ever experienced in my life.   After some gagging and building a little courage I walked to the living room and kitchen area which was the worst sight.  The Living room was a mad house, my dog was sleeping on the couch with dry feces everywhere on his body.  However I can now see what the problem is, my dog has gotten into the medicine drawer because this is where he keeps his food.  As I make it over the the kitchen everything is apparent to me.


On the kitchen floor is hundreds of pebbles of dog food spread out everywhere.  Along with shit, piss, and feces all over the floor.  I see medicine has been opened and so this answers a few questions, it brings up a concern.  I walk to my dog to check if she, Molly, is still breathing and turns out she did not consume anything deadly in the medicine cabinet.  So I go back to the kitchen to see what the hell could of gotten a dog to throw-up and shit a bag of dog food with a months worth of food in one night!  I pick up a half eaten cardboard box of constipation pills, basically like little chewable candy prunes that make you poop everywhere.


After investigating what happened I end up just taking a shower, and called two old cleaners that come whenever we throw parties.  I walked out the door and left it unlocked because if anyone wanted to rob my house they could go try and do that.  I just wanted to make it so that when I came back to pay the maids, everything would be spotless.