This is war


Today was the most difficult and frustrating day I’ve had in so many years.  My neighbors tree fell right onto my roof and went half way into my kitchen!.  When they got back from work I confronted them and not to my surprise they were absolutely and horribly rude to me.  We’ve been having problems for the last two years and It’s gotten to the point where I would call this war.  When I asked them to remove the tree they had the nerve to say “It’s not on our property anymore”.  With a clenched fist I literally almost knocked them both out and set fire to the house.  When I called the police they told me that they would send someone over, about two hours later a police officer shows up and tells me that since their is no proof of what side or who planted the tree that I cannot pin responsibility on my neighbors. 

I was honestly wondering how this is even possible! After some investigation I found that the tree was technically on my property just like the officer said.  This is honestly the worst day I’ve had, ever. I mean a tree really just fell on my house.  The first thing on my mind was trying to calm myself down because of all the pent up anger from my neighbors.  After I breathed in and out for about 20 minutes I was ready to face the fire.  I looked at the ceiling of my kitchen and it wasn’t so bad. a few branches had broken through the skylight we have installed on our roof so before I get that fixed In a few days I must take care of this tree.  I headed outside hoping that my neighbors didn’t do anything else to fuck up my day. The officer had left by the time I went back inside & thank god my neighbors disappeared ( I hope they locked themselves in the basement. ) 

It was clear to me that it was nothing I could do on my own so I went to google for a quick search and looked at some reviews only to find this nice company that saved my day.  I end up calling a local Tree service company after searching the web and looking at reviews.  Only 20 minutes tops after I put out the phone call did an agent come and give me a quote.  This was the only good part of my day, to see that people out there still doing their job. About two days later they showed up & for a really good price removed the entire tree.  I’m now happy my tree & my neighbors are out of my life.

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