Kids these days


Last week I went to San Diego for my cousins wedding.  This story however is not about what my family did to me but what I experienced in San Diego that will possibly change the way I look at life.  I was walking from my hotel to a nearby gas station so I could get some soda, popcorn, etc for the room.  For some reason this street had some homeless men that stand on the sidewalk and ask tourists for money. 

I rarely give the homeless any sort of money because of the fear that they will spend it on drugs.  So instead I buy a water and a bag of chips for a man named Grant living on the street. I start walking down the street and Grant says god bless you: and goes back to opening the chip bag. 

 I get back to the hotel and do my own things for a few hours until I start to get hungry for dinner.  So I leave my room, go down the hall, and leave the hotel.  I’m waling to Apple Bee’s across the street when I see a few kids that are raising their voice at Grant who is sitting down definitely minding his own business. 

I start to walk over and I hear that these kids are making fun of how Grant does not have shoes that are completely covering his feet.  Grant cannot afford new shoes because he was not born like the rest of us. I walk up to the kids and start screaming at them louder then I’ve ever heard myself scream.  

They were extremely frightened and did not even say a word they continued to walk along.  Grant just looked up and started smiling and laughing little but when I looked to him he got serious again and told me “Thank’s, kids are very disrespectful these days”.  When Grant told me thank you it was an amazing feeling.  

I think to myself why don’t I feel this great when Grant says “Thanks, god bless you” after I give him food.  The answer is that when you do something for someone and they’re appreciative of this, it creates satisfaction for both parties.  When you give someone something it will only create satisfaction for one.  


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