Girlfriend is Mean


My day went horrible like usual and the blame is entirely on me.  I was being clumsy and stupid the whole day from morning till now.  Sometimes it’s just the most irritating thing to always be doing the wrong thing at every second of the day.   teapot-295570_960_720

I’ll start from the morning, I wake around 7:30 as usual and make some coffee for my girl & I.  I’m so tired on this specific morning I can barely see so by the time I got the to coffee pot I’d already stubbed my toe twice.  I hate stubbing my toe.

Okay, so now I’m at the kitchen counter fidgeting with my coffee pot when it’s about to make it into the sink. 

Yeah, as you probably guessed, it broke but this is not where it’s bad.  Lara, my girlfriend, gets up and see’s whats just happened and tells me to get to Ralph’s right away to get us a new coffee pot. She’s so mean.  I glance at my watch, rolex, by the way, and it’s 7:45!…

It was my fault, my clumsy ass dropped it so now I need to pay for it.  I get in the car and on my way there I could only think of what other treats I could buy at ralph while I’m there.  At the same time I’m asking myself why was Lara so mean to me but she’s usually just super grumpy in the morning.

Okay so I made it to Ralphs and I’m heading in when I see one of my parents old friends that I hate.  When I hate someone, I really hate em’.  So I pretend not to see the old grump, her name is Zehaveet.  The worst Israeli woman on the planet she has teeth like a wolf & eyes like an owl.  Nasty. 

I’m almost out of site safely in the store when she notices me and says my name in a high voice like we’re friends.  All I could think of now is how to get out of this situation but I knew I couldn’t.  She gives me a hug, tells me to tell my mom she says hi, and told me I was tall.  Basic old family friend attitude, makes me sick. 

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