I have the worst luck in the world it’s actually kinda depressing. On my way home from work my Uber driver ran out of gas.  What are the chances of a paid employee running out of gas when the only thing he has to do besides drive around is fill up gas.  So I’m there for 5 minutes waiting for his AAA to fill up the gas when I decided to just cancel this ride and get an additional Uber.  It went through 3 drivers before someone accepted me and didn’t cancel.  It had already been 10 minutes of waiting and I wanted to just go home and lay down my head.  When my Uber finally got there I was so relieved to get in. 

     About 10 minutes in I come out of focus from being on my phone I look around and before even thinking the words “where the fuck are we” come out of my mouth.  Not only did I give him the wrong address but we were going in the exact opposite direction of my house.  We had already passed my work so I was really pissed when we started turning around.  I thought to myself I stupid could I be for typing in my address wrong and not even figuring out till 10 minutes later.  Two users ride later and I’ve ended up farther then where I first started. Great. maxresdefault

   So we’re now 30 minutes out from my house.  I’m so frustrated right now I can’t even focus on my phone.  All I could think about is the $10-20 dollars I just absolutely wasted & the fact that I had already ran through an hour of the already little free time I had in my day.  It wasn’t a great conversation going on in my head, I was really mad at myself.  That’s when I almost exploded when my second Uber driver gets a call…  

     Now I know you’re thinking that this cannot be a true story, too many things went wrong.  This is not a drill, Uber has F’D me over bad this time.  

     Let’s recap.  I called an Uber, He ran out of gas.  I called another Uber, and waited through three other users and 10 minutes for them to finally accept my ride.  Finally Im in the Uber and I figure out that I’ve been going the wrong way for over 10 minutes.  Now I’m thirty minutes out.  Another 10 minutes pass by and to be honest I’m not even close to home because of rush hour.  It’s times like this where hair loss is not a problem of aging.  I wanted to pull my hair out when my second Uber driver says he has to cancel because of a family emergency.  


     I feel like I’ve done good for a situation most people can not go through and still remain sane.  I can’t say that I’m still sane but I can say that next time I go anywhere with a paid ride it will be using any other app but Uber.  I’ll get a taxi cab, so be it, but you will never catch me in another Uber.  

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