Kids these days

Last week I went to San Diego for my cousins wedding.  This story however is not about what my family did to me but what I experienced in San Diego that will possibly change the way I look at life.  I was walking from my hotel to a nearby gas station so I could get some soda, popcorn, etc for the room.  For some reason this street had some homeless men that stand on the sidewalk and ask tourists for money. 

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This is war

Today was the most difficult and frustrating day I’ve had in so many years.  My neighbors tree fell right onto my roof and went half way into my kitchen!.  When they got back from work I confronted them and not to my surprise they were absolutely and horribly rude to me.  We’ve been having problems for the last two years and It’s gotten to the point where I would call this war.  When I asked them to remove the tree they had the nerve to say “It’s not on our property anymore”.  With a clenched fist I literally almost knocked them both out and set fire to the house.  When I called the police they told me that they would send someone over, about two hours later a police officer shows up and tells me that since their is no proof of what side or who planted the tree that I cannot pin responsibility on my neighbors.  Read more


     I have the worst luck in the world it’s actually kinda depressing. On my way home from work my Uber driver ran out of gas.  What are the chances of a paid employee running out of gas when the only thing he has to do besides drive around is fill up gas.  So I’m there for 5 minutes waiting for his AAA to fill up the gas when I decided to just cancel this ride and get an additional Uber.  It went through 3 drivers before someone accepted me and didn’t cancel.  It had already been 10 minutes of waiting and I wanted to just go home and lay down my head.  When my Uber finally got there I was so relieved to get in.  Read more

The worst Chipotle ever

   I was at Chipotle.  I hope you know what that is, everyone does.  I’m looking around when all of a sudden I see an old girlfriend.  I’m with my girlfriend so I decide to keep my head down because I didn’t tell her about my EX.  Half-way through out meal, my EX heading out the door, and my girlfriend, lara looks up and see’s her.  To my surprise Lara notices her from a Facebook picture of mine so she asks who she is.  Me being stupid tells her I have no idea what she’s saying considering my EX is already out the door.  I’m wiping off my sweat thinking it’s a close one when my EX walks in for her parking validation and to my amazing luck see’s me.  At first I pretend I just noticed her, but as she starts to talk to my wife about the past between my EX & I it became clear to my wife I was lying to protect myself.  I’ve gotten the death stare from her ever since… I don’t think I’m sleeping on the bed tonight.  One thing is forsure, Lesson Learned.


My Life Sucks

 My brother stole my bike and gave it to one of his friends.  When I tried to get it back I found that my brothers friend went out of state.  After an angry discussion I head over to my parents, and when I told them they said it was, because I wasn’t using it at all.  

The reason I wasn’t using it was because it needed a new tire and I’ve been saving up for one this entire time.  Try that for bad luck.

Meet Dee

     Welcome to Feel My Pain dot net.  I am Dee Savage from Simi Valley, California and I am 27 years old.  I recently moved into my little house in Santa Monica & I’ve been having problems with the neighbors.  I’ve decided to open up a blogging website where I will share all the reasons I hate my neighbors and all the ways I have thought of to get rid of them.  

     This website is not only made from my rants but for the rants of everyone across the world.  If you’ve recently come across some bad luck and are needed of a place to express the hatred of your own life. Then you’ve come to the right place! Please click Submit Story to publicly share your misfortunes.